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The function of the eye examination is to give you clear vision and detect any eye conditions that may need further treatment.

We have up-to-date equipment in our practice and our three optometrists regularly attend seminars to ensure they are fully knowledgeable. 

We tailor our tests to our patients needs and examinations include:

    Visual acuity (what you can see)
    Refraction (the prescription you need)
    Ocular examination (inside eye)
    Colour vision tests
    Glaucoma check
    Macular degeneration investigation
    Visual field exam
    Contact lens assessment

The results will always be carefully explained before you decide how to proceed.  There is never any pressure to buy spectacles and we give you a copy of your prescription to take away with you.

All of our our optometrists are accredited in cataract referral and wet macular degeneration referral, which means you are fast-tracked when sent for assessment to the hospital.

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