Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are more comfortable and accessible than ever.  They come in a wide range of prescriptions, and a variety of replacement plans.

At iSpy, we provide a full contact lens consultation, which determines whether you are suitable for lenses; and then if so can advise of the type of lens to ensure best vision and comfort.

Normally we would insert a pair of trial lenses to give you a ‘feel’ for the lenses, and also determine the accurate fit and prescription required.





Lens Options

  • Daily disposable - lens is used once and then at the end of wear thrown away.  For social wear or can be worn every day.
  • Frequent replacement – weekly/monthly, may be more suitable/cost effective, if worn every day.  Need to be cleaned daily.
  • Toric Lenses – for people with astigmatism.  Daily, frequent replacement.
  • Annual Soft – occasionally, prescription requirements mean a specialised lens may have to be made for you.  Wearing time with these is slightly reduced as they are not as oxygen permeable.
  • Gas Permeable – these are rigid lenses.  Daily wear, and replaced yearly.

Fitting Schedule

  • Recent sight test <1 year
  • Contact lens consultation
  • Teach appointment for insertion and removal
  • Cleaning of lenses
  • Follow up check 2 weeks after wear
  • Regular (6 – 12 month) check-ups

Contacts are rarely a complete replacement to glasses but are a great alternative.