Lens Options

Lens_Options_MedSingle vision – focus you in one place, be that distance for TV/Driving or nearer vision for VDU and reading.

Bifocal – a lens designed for people who need distance and reading.

Varifocal – the advantage of these lenses is they have distance and reading all blended into one lens with no visible line. Many types of varifocal lenses are available depending on the patient’s needs.

High index lenses – available for all High (-+) prescriptions, multicoated. This will help thinner lenses to be produced using the same prescription. Polycarbonate lenses gives strength for sport. Impact resistant, light weight, but scratch more easily.

Polarised lenses – eliminates reflected glare, boosts colour and cuts harmful UV. Useful for fishing, skiing.

MAR Coatings – block reflected light and glare from behind to provide a clear view ideal for night driving, they enhance the cosmetic appearance of spectacles.